Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair Jobs You Can’t Do Yourself

A washing machine is an essential part of our daily lives – we’d all be stuck with doing laundry the old fashion way – tubs of soapy water and scrubbing with our hands. So when it breaks down, you may think you can do washing machine repair jobs yourself. Perhaps, with some minor things like cleaning up clogs if the water doesn’t drain or reconnecting hoses if there’s a leak, you can attempt to do washing machine repair jobs yourself. But, trying to do any major washing machine repair task might lead to further damage and can be dangerous to you and your home. So, if the washer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to and you can’t figure out why, it’s time to call the washing machine repair professionals.

Electrical Washing Machine Problems

So, first off, if your washing machine isn’t turning on – check if it’s plugged in! This may give you a Homer Simpson “Duh-oh” moment, but it may save you the trouble of having to pick up the phone and call a washing machine repair person. Check the wire too, to make sure it’s not damaged and you may need a different kind of washing machine repair. If it is plugged in, but still isn’t working, then the problem may be electrical, and it’s time to bring in the washing machine repair professionals.

A washing machine repair technician may diagnose the problem to be several things – the lid switch may need replacement, may have continuity problems, or it can even be problem with your electrical outlet. In any case, a good washing machine repair person will know what to do and how to fix it.

Washing Machine Pump Problems

The washing machine pump takes care of moving the water through the machine (both in and out.) A blocked pump may just need to be unblocked, but still if you have no idea how this works, call a washing machine repair professional as soon as you can. In many cases, the washing machine repair person will need to replace the pump, which in itself is a technical task. So, if the water isn’t coming in or draining out, your washing machine repair job probably is a pump problem.

Spinning Problems

A washing machine repair job that involves the spinning or other moving parts, you may have to call a washing machine repair pro. If your machine is the kind with a clutch assembly, this is usually the most common cause of the problem that a washing machine repair technician will diagnose. A washing machine uses the clutch to ensure to gets up to the proper speed, so this part can easily be worn. Fixing or replacing such a part must definitely be left to the washing machine repair pros.

The drive motor may also be causing problems when it comes to spinning. The washing machine repair job in this case will need a professional.

Washing machine repair jobs, in many cases, should really be left to the people who are trained to fix it. If you’re still within your warrant period, is may be as easy as calling the manufacturer so they can make the necessary fixes. If not, check your phonebook or Google to help you find a local washing machine repair company to help fix your problem.

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