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    Appliance Repair Services: California’s Leading Repair Service Company

    Though we rarely think about them, our home appliances have generally made life easier for us. However, that also means that the need for appliance repair has also increased tenfold. Ovens, stovetops, and refrigerators – these are just some of the appliances that everyone has in their homes. We use them daily, and some homes have more than just these three basic appliances. Garbage disposals, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and freezers may not be necessities for everyone, but having them at home ensures we can accomplish normal household tasks quickly and efficiently. Our goal at Appliance Repair Services is to ensure your days run smoothly and prevent your routine from being interrupted.

    If you’ve ever had a major appliance breakdown, you know how it can instantly ruin your day. Imagine getting ready for the office, where you have a big meeting or perhaps an important task to complete. As you’re preparing breakfast, your stove won’t turn on. Or perhaps the night before your child’s big school play, your washing machine starts malfunctioning and you can’t wash his or her costumes. What do you do? You need to call Appliance Repair Services. No matter where you are in California, we can help with any appliance repair job. Our expert technicians can come anytime, day or night, and help save the day.

    All appliances will experience problems every now and again. While you can fix small problems and do some maintenance tasks removing lint from your dryer or using the cleaning function on your oven, other small problems may be a symptom of a larger malfunction, which could lead to a complete breakdown.

    That’s why you should call Appliance Repair Services. We are the leading California repair services company and we can help you with any type of appliance. Aside from fixing broken appliances, our technicians can assess them and tell you if they are in good condition or will need replacement soon. That way, you won’t get caught off guard and you can prevent trouble before it occurs. Should you need a new washer, dryer, freezer, garbage disposal, icemaker, or any type of home appliance, our expert repair technicians can also give you suggestions and options.

    Frequent Washer Malfunctions Appliance Repair Services Technicians Can Fix

    Washing machines are actually harder to break than most people think. Many of these machines were built to last, though things like mold, bacteria, or mechanical malfunctions can shorten their lifespans. A broken washer can do more than just force you to drive to the nearest Laundromat – it can actually do serious damage to your home. They can flood entire basements, hallways, and laundry rooms, which in turn can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations. Appliance Repair Services’ technicians know exactly how to fix common washer problems, and they aim to keep your machine running smoothly.

    You’ve probably been trained how to use a washing machine – just put in your clothes, add some soap, close the lid, turn it on. It’s as simple and easy as that. It’s really the machine that does all the work, using a complex system of moving parts, switches, tubes, and timers, all working together in perfect rhythm to ensure your clothes come out clean and fresh. When it comes to washing machines, Appliance Repair Services’ repair technicians are experts, and they know the ins and outs of all brands of washing machines, even those from years ago.

    Many people use washing machines that are decades old – after all, these workhorses were made to last practically forever. However, years of use can take their toll on major parts like the timers, motors, and agitators. When you call our technicians, they will ask you about your machine and its history. Many common problems like timer failure or burned out switches are minor enough that our technicians can fix them on the spot and they carry many of the parts needed to fix such problems.

    Our technicians can repair all types of washers, as well as dryers. If you own a washer, most likely you own a dryer as well. Dryers have their own quirks and problems, and Appliance Repair Services’ technicians can also diagnose these machines. These machines are actually a little more complex than washers, but they are similar in many ways. Perhaps the biggest problem many owners have with dryers is that often their machines will start losing heat. Often, they will notice that it takes longer to dry their laundry or that it doesn’t heat up as fast. However, because it is such a common problem, our expert technicians will know all the possible causes of such symptoms and they can repair your dryer in no time at all.

    Appliance Repair Services: Keeping Your Kitchen Running

    Many major home appliances are found in the kitchen. After all, most of the time, family life revolves around the meals we prepare. Aside from prepping and cleaning, dishes and kitchenware also have to be cleaned and stored.

    One of the most remarkable inventions of our time is the refrigerator. This appliance allows us to buy food in advance and store it for long periods of time, meaning we don’t have to waste time going to the market everyday or let perfectly good food spoil and rot. We rely on this particular machine to freeze and preserve our food. When the refrigerator breaks down, it can mean hundreds of dollars’ worth of food down the drain. We know what a broken refrigerator can mean to your family, and so our technicians will do their best to repair your fridge right away. Don’t think that your appliance problems are too big or too small – what may seem like a major disaster to you can be a quick and easy fix for our experienced technicians. A refrigerator that isn’t staying as cool as it should be may just need a new rubber seal. Don’t be afraid to call us for minor issues like this – we are here to help you and keep your appliances running, plus small repairs like this can prevent major breakdowns later.

    Ovens and stovetops are the next major appliances that people rely on the most in their kitchens. Modern appliances like these allow us to have hot meals at any time, without having to chop wood or build a fire. Ovens and stoves in particular, are quite simpler than washers or dryers, as these appliances have few moving parts. However, a minor problem could be the symptom of a more major malfunction, not to mention that because these appliances are hooked up to gas and electricity, safety is a big issue. By having Appliance Repair Services fix minor problems, you could be preventing a major home disaster later on.

    Whatever appliance you have, from ice makers to garbage disposals, there’s an Appliance Repair Services close by that can help you fix any problem. We have repair technicians standing by all over California, waiting for your call. No matter where you are in the Golden State, you can always count on Appliance Repair Services.