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    Harmful Items That Can Cause a Need for Garbage  Disposal Repair

    Your garbage disposal unit has been faithfully doing its job of grinding food waste for about a year. One day it suddenly stops working. Now you find yourself needing the expertise of a disposal repair company. If you have no idea why your garbage disposal became damaged, try to recall what items you have placed in it because one or more of these things may be the reason why you now require disposal repair services. Let’s check out some of the things that could harm your disposal and cause you to seek help from disposal repair professionals.

    Metal Items May Cause You Seek Disposal Repair Services

    Do you have the habit of removing your rings and placing them in random places in the kitchen before you wash dishes? Perhaps that’s why you need the help of disposal repair experts. Pieces of stray jewelry can easily get mixed up with other things and someone might accidentally place it along with food waste in the disposal. If this happens, you will have to seek disposal repair services because metal is a hard material that can damage your disposal. You should not leave your small jewelry, coins and other metal objects lying around if you don’t want to require disposal repair assistance again and again.

    Grease and Oil May Cause a Need for Disposal Repair Services

    After you saute some vegetables, do you automatically pour the oil you used into the garbage disposal unit? If so, it’s no wonder that you are in need of disposal repair services. Of course, disposal repair experts can help you to get your disposal into working order after it becomes clogged with hardened grease. Still, different sources recommend that you avoid putting oil and greasy liquids in the disposal to avoid damages that will cause you to seek disposal repair services.

    Chicken or Turkey Bones May Cause You to Require Disposal Repair Services

    When you eat a piece of chicken or turkey, do you swallow the large pieces of bone too? Of course not. Neither should you force your garbage disposal to “swallow” these bones, unless you want to get another visit from a disposal repair professional. Some sources say that the average garbage disposal unit is not strong enough to grind these bones, which is why there are families who need disposal repair services after Thanksgiving parties. Although certain manufacturers claim that their disposal units are powerful enough to grind bones, it’s best to be on the safe side if you don’t wish to require disposal repair services too often. If any of the items above has caused damage to your disposal, seek disposal repair services right away. And after you’ve had your broken garbage disposal unit fixed by a disposal repair company, it’s time to watch out what you throw into your disposal!