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  • Wine Cellar Repair

    A Few Facts About Wine Storage and Wine Cellar Repair

    Someone once said “Water separates the world, while wine brings it together.” Good wine can certainly make or break any gathering. Keeping your wines properly stored will ensure they will keep their flavor for years to come. Not everyone can afford to build their own wine cellar in the basement, or may not live in the right environment for it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep wine if you live in Arizona or Las Vegas, or the damp cold of the Bay Area. With a personal wine cooler or wine reserve refrigerator, you can store your bottles in a safe place, with the right temperature and environment. Wine needs to be stored in a certain way, which is where a personal wine storage unit comes in. The three most important things to remember that affect the taste of wine when it comes to keeping it is color, temperature and humidity.


    Sunlight or other direct lights can greatly affect wine, which is one reason why most wines are packaged in dark bottles. The lighter the wine, the more susceptible it is to photochemical reactions. Still, they must be packaged in clear bottles so that the buyer can inspect it, but it is kept in the darkest part of the cellar when being stored, or wrapped in paper or cellophane. A good wine storage unit should block out as much light as possible when closed, to preserve the taste and so you can enjoy the taste of the wine.


    A constant temperature is perhaps the most crucial factor when it comes to wine storage. Too hot and you may risk “cooking” the wine, and will develop nasty flavors. If you store it in the freezer, you can risk turning it into ice and pushing out the cork, exposing it to oxygen. The refrigerator may be a good place for storing the wine for a day or two, but with the constant activity of opening and closing the door, the varying temperature can adversely affect the wine. A wine reserve refrigerator should keep it at a constant temperature between 50 and 59 °F (10 and 15 °C), with 52°F (11 °C) as being the most ideal temperature.


    Humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air, is another factor that affects wine storage. A little bit of moisture in the air allows the cork to stay moist and prevent it from drying out and letting oxygen in. Of course, too much moisture and you run the risk of the labels peeling off. Wine reserve refrigerators will ensure that the humidity of your wine bottle stay constant. So, if you plan to purchase and collect some expensive wines, make sure you have the proper wine storage refrigerators to ensure that you preserve the taste of the wine. You can keep it in there for a long time and take it out for special celebrations, where you can gather those important people and celebrate life!